DCS understands: a data center facility and the nodes within form an intrinsically linked eco-system. Based on an analysis of each customer’s compute requirements and physical infrastructure, our experts optimize the data center environment, starting from the individual server component up to the facility level. The result is a harmonized solution that delivers excellent efficiency and performance yielding improved business results.

  • Engineered for lower costs through energy efficiency
  • Reduced network infrastructure requirements
  • Customized support for node, rack and data center level
  • Best thermal practices are applied

Planning for the data center
Planning for the data center is critical, and gaining an understanding of your precise needs allows Dell to tailor a solution specifically for your demands. After consulting with customers, current and future business needs are translated into optimized facility and system designs. Pinpointing the correct architecture and cooling capacity avoids costly over-shooting and delivers a solution that grows as you grow.

Industry roadmaps, partnerships and Dell’s engineering bench-strength in data center optimization allow our customers to deploy solutions that scale with their business needs. Services around data center design, layout, thermal flows and power optimization are combined with customized hardware to provide solutions that meet specific customer needs.